Hauling Buddies

Andrew Hodson launched Hauling Buddies in July 2020, but the idea for it has been a few years in the making. Prior to developing and launching Hauling Buddies, Andrew managed multiple social media groups for animal transport. Seeing how these groups always turn into the Wild West, he decided to bring order to this chaos. It was then that the idea for Hauling Buddies was born. Before Hauling Buddies was chosen as the name, the platform was called Select Haul. Since its inception, there have been multiple iterations and versions of the marketplace, each building upon the previous. Through feedback from and conversations with haulers and shippers, the Hauling Buddies has evolved to meet the needs of each party.

Hauling Buddies has always been free to the consumer/shipper, while transport companies pay a nominal fee for the service. This allows the users to have free and open discussions with haulers prior to payment for any transport. Clients can review and ask questions before committing to any company and disbursement of funds. Hauling Buddies captures the energy of social networking while also providing protection and security through verified companies. Our goal is to offer as much information as possible about each company on the marketplace so users can make an informed decision that is best for them and their animals.