About Hauling Buddies

Andrew Hodson was once responsible for the management of various animal transport social media groups. Day in and day out, he watched the madness that ensued as organization was nowhere to be found. As he realized that he could develop solutions for the issues he witnessed, he worked to create his very own marketplace - Select Haul. Continuing to grow and improve his idea by listening intently to haulers and shippers, he released new and improved versions of his program. Today, Select Haul is now Hauling Buddies, and it has evolved to meet the demands of all parties involved.

Since day one, unlike other companies providing animal transport services, our services are available for each consumer/shipper free of charge. Users can move forward with the reassurance of making an educated decision before dispersing funds.

For your convenience, Hauling Buddies embraces social networking while ensuring protection through the use of verified companies. Allow us to provide the information you need for the safe and easy transport of your animals.

What's New

  • Transport Request Are Coming In 🥳

    Our transport request list is starting to fill up. Make sure to get verified to reach out about providing transport. This service is free for verified companies on the new Hauling Buddies Community Platform.  Current Transport Requests: https://haulingbuddies.com/transport_requests Get verified to receive nearby alerts in the future: https://haulingbuddies.com/verification_requests/new

  • ⚠️ All Companies Required to Register ⚠️

    Starting September 1st, 2022, any company wishing to use the Hauling Buddies communities must be registered on the Hauling Buddies platform. The verification process is simple and straightforward. It's 100% free, and you will meet our new Community Manager Brandy Waldron. We want to know you are real.  After 30 days, we will start a three-strike system on a new post from companies not registered. If you continue to post after three strikes and have yet to register, we will remove you from the communities. Our Mission is to bring the community together in an open and transparent place committed to the health and happiness of all animals. Get started now, so you don't miss out. https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/verification_requests/new Users looking for transport, you are free to use the communities without registering, but we would also like your help! We have built a new scammer report system and appreciate your support in weeding out the fakes. Please make sure you join our monthly newsletter, so you're always in the know of what's going on in our industry! https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/scammer_reports/new Join us https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/

  • We know that transporting your pets is hard enough without worrying about scammers. 🕵️

    We're here to make sure you don't have to! We are currently in the process of creating a new platform to help better regulate the quality of companies providing services in our communities. Have you ever had to use a hauler that does not show up? Or has hurt your animals? Report Scammers here: https://communities.haulingbuddies.com/scammer_reports/new   We aggregate scam reports from community members each month and email them directly to our communities!

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