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1 Equine | From: 17097 Whitehouse Farm Drive, Beaverdam, VA, USA To: 44570 Montana Way, Leonardtown, MD, USA
Needs to be done in
over 1 year
Total distance
87.99 mi
Flexible on dates to transport.  Will prefer sooner than later.
Will need directions to house on Montana Way it is Vandermere Farms
(From directions North/Leonardtown):  Take Route 5 South.  Pass the fairgrounds.  Turn right onto Chingville RD.  Take your 1st left onto Montana Way.  Continue back through the stone pillars.  Pass the  white fencing on your left.  When the road splits, merge left onto the gravel.  Turn left right after the red gates and fencing onto the gravel drive lined with trees.  Proceed to the tan barn with red doors.  Please park to the left side of the barn, facing the barn.
  • Beaverdam, VA
  • Leonardtown, MD


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