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Needs to be done in 6 months


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1 Equine | From: Eaton, CO 80615, USA To: Dansville, New York, USA

Syd •

HOT HOT.. Looking for ASAP.. From: Fabrizius Livestock12945 Weld, Co Rd 80, Eaton, CO 80615       (DIRTY)
TO: 1500 Co Rd 90, Dansville, NY 14437  1 horse (dirty)  

1 Equine

1 Equine | From: 84 Ryan Road, Brownington, VT, USA To: 6034 Gibsonville Road, Leicester, NY, USA

Christina •

1 QH-type gelding.  Would love to have done the week after Labor day, but can do any time from tomorrow until the Sept 11th.  Shared load/fill rates preferred.  Willing to pickup part way if necessary, within about 3h of 14481.  Thanks!

1 Equine

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