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1 Equine | From: Snyder, TX, USA To: Wylie, TX, USA

Needs to be done in less than a minute


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1 Livestock | From : Snyder, TX, USA To: Tucson, AZ, USA

Marbin •

I need one goat picked up from Texas. 

1 Livestock

1 Equine | From: 6449 FM617, Rochester, TX, USA To: 3 Mack Hill Road, Amherst, NH, USA

Lauren •

One yearling colt coming off a ranch in TX. Minimal handling, breeder reports he is used to working around people but isn’t halter broke. Breeder reports they usually load/unload in/out of a pen or chute. I imagine this would be best suited for a box stall...? Destination does have in/out access for 40’ trailers. 

1 Equine

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