We believe shipping animals should be more affordable.

Hauling Buddies makes it easy to get your pets, livestock and anything else hauled by connecting you directly with providers who have extra space in their trailers.

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Tired of high shipping rates, unreliable service or poor communication?

Hauling Buddies provides a positive experience to find and hire haulers with the peace of mind you’re shipping with trusted providers.

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Find trusted and dependable transporters in your area.

Hauling Buddies helps you find good people to move your pet in a comfortable and safe way. Hiring the wrong transporter can be a huge headache but with Hauling Buddies you can avoid transportation misunderstanding and always feel secure about your pet.

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Launched in July 2020, Hauling Buddies was created to help animal owners find safe, reliable and licensed transportation. From initial booking to final destination, Understanding that every animal is special and requires stress-free transportation. We’re here for you, and your animals journey. It’s our priority to ensure each animal owner has a safe and happy experience with Hauling Buddies.

“We LOVE Hauling Buddies. The site is evolving quickly into a gold standard for communicating with your clients. The maps are helpful and the ability to give quotes in a timely fashion is Top Notch!”

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