JnS Express ETX

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Julia Kelso
Bullard, Texas 75757
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Small Animal
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VETERAN OWNED & OPERATED! We are a husband-and-wife team! So, you get twice the care for the same price! Shawn is a U.S. Army (Retired) Veteran of 20+ years of service to his country. Julia is a “Jill” of all trades who managed a pet spa for multiple years and has a vast knowledge of handling pets no matter their age. East Texas is our home! We consider our pets a part of our family and treat every animal as such. After multiple military moves with our fur babies in tow, we understand the importance and care that is required to ensure both yours and your pets’ comfort and peace of mind. We currently travel with “Cinder” our 20 lb German Spitz Mittel (picture in profile) who is a registered service dog and is a lover of all creatures, big and small. Cinder's vaccinations can be provided upon request and we can assure you that he is always current. Our main priority is to deliver your pet to their destination in the safest, quickest manner possible while providing an assurance to you that is unmatched.

- We conduct Solo Rides (VIP) (Shippers Request & Additional Charge)
- USDA Certified 
- Pet Insurance
- Red Cross Dog and Cat CPR/First Aid Certified
- Sanitized Equipment between every transport
- Hotel stays for trips longer than same day delivery
- Life360 Tracking app available upon request
- Pets transported in our climate controlled personal vehicle
- Photos and updates provided throughout the duration of the transport

We have a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica (Minivan) which we primarily use for transports and allows plenty of room for transport. We also have a 2021 Kia Forte for shorter trips that don’t require as much space for transport. We are very strict about maintenance and service requirements for our vehicle to help ensure that there will be little to no issues with our vehicle during your transport.

We want to ensure that your pet remains comfortable and safe during out transport and keep the stress down as much as possible. We can transport your pet in a multitude of ways. We would rather not use crates, but we have them (if necessary) “Contingent upon non-aggressive behavior towards other animals or us”. We also have leashes that buckle into a seat buckle which seems to be most popular among many dogs and still allows your pet to have a little freedom to move around. When transporting (puppies/kittens) that are less than 12 weeks old, we have a “no paws on ground” policy and we are fully prepared to support that when needed. 

Multiple Day Transports;
We will not leave your pet unattended at any time during our transport! We will plan routine stops during our transport to make sure your pet can use the bathroom, stretch, play, eat and drink! We typically travel anywhere from 500-700 miles in a day (depending on weather/construction). If a transport requires multiple days, we always stay in a pet friendly hotel/motel for the evening. We want your pet to have some down time not in the vehicle and this allows for time to feed, play, and love on them and give them some much needed attention during the trip. This also allows us to recharge our batteries for the next days trip.  

Our quote which is a non-vip includes;
- Gas for the trip
- Hotel costs if necessary
- Costs for other expenses including insurance, cleaning supplies, etc.


Animal Transportation Safety

Trusting someone with your animals is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Understand the safety requirements specific to your pet and do your research before hiring a transport company. Use websites like Hauling Buddies to discover your transport options and pick a transporter that meets your needs. Hopefully, this article will provide you with the tools you need to get your animals safely on to their next adventure.

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