What Makes Hauling Buddies Better Than The Rest?

The Difference Is Clear

Our pet transport service was made with you in mind. We specialize in animals because we care. Whether a large project, such as horse transport, livestock transport, or the need for smaller animals, we help our shippers find a trustworthy hauler with no hassle.

If you are a transporter, we provide you with the tools you need to secure new projects and manage a recurring business. With Hauling Buddies, everyone wins.

Shipper Perks

  • Small Business: Enjoy a refreshing personal feel that is often lost when using larger companies.
  • No Third Parties: At Hauling Buddies, we don’t function as the “middle man.” We simply help you establish much-needed connections free of charge.
  • American-Made: Shop with the reassurance of supporting a company that started and continues to operate exclusively right here in the USA.

Hauler Perks

  • Route Optimization: We match your upcoming routes with transport requests nearby.
  • Instant Alerts: If someone has a nearby transport request, we notify you right away.
  • Better Pay: Rather than taking a percentage of your earnings with each transport, we simply charge a small monthly fee.

Hauling Buddies is the new up and coming way to get a horse or any livestock hauled. its super simple sign in post a request and get some quotes from reputable haulers.. its been super easy to use and navigate around the site.

Jaime Mustapha

Equine Transporter