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Hauling Buddies helps shippers and receivers to connect and fulfill their shipping/hauling needs. Our technology matches requests and upcoming routes to optimize the time between request and delivery.

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You pay a low monthly fee to use Hauling Buddies and the marketplace. With no per transport fee, you keep all profits you earn!

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Why It's Good To Have A Buddy

Everything you need to earn money online

Hauling Buddies is a shipping marketplace that helps you generate new and recurring business by submitting quotes on customers’ shipments.

Unlimited Quotes

Submit unlimited amount of quotes for transport requests. Using our search gives you the power to find the best potential clients.

Private Messaging

You can message customers directly to discuss payment options, delivery dates, and other transport details that impact the quote you provide.

Instant Opportunities

Whenever a transport request is listed in your area, you will receive an immediate notification.

Route Matching

You plan your route and Hauling Buddies will search and show you Transport Requests along the way within a set range.

Upcoming Route Ads

List unlimited upcoming routes ads. Not only do we use this to match you with potential Shippers looking for a transport. We list them in the marketplace for thousands of shippers to see.

No Commission Fee

We believe you are working hard enough and do not need anyone else reaching into your pocket.

Hauling Buddies is the new up and coming way to get a horse or any livestock hauled. its super simple sign in post a request and get some quotes from reputable haulers.. its been super easy to use and navigate around the site..

Jaime Mustapha

Equine Transporter

Stay in constant contact with your potential and booked clients

Hauling Buddies is the ultimate shipping communication tool. Stay in constant contact with your potential and booked clients. Keep everyone up to date on new shipments and scheduled pick ups. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

“We LOVE Hauling Buddies. The site is evolving quickly into a gold standard for communicating with your clients. The maps are helpful and the ability to give quotes in a timely fashion is Top Notch!”

Tam Resovich, Wild Women Haulers
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Better understand your customer needs

Hauling Buddies simplifies the transport process for both haulers and organizers through technology. It provides a platform that allows haulers to efficiently match their empty trailer space with transport needs.

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Let us do the work

Hauling Buddies helps bring efficiency to your business.

Keep your business running without having to put your life on hold. With Hauling Buddies, you will always have someone to help carry your load.

1.4 Million+ Quotes submitted by transport companies.

2K+ Transport Requests sent to transport companies.

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