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1 Equine | From: 7913 Chestnut Ridge Road, Gasport, NY, USA To: 339 South Nixon Camp Road, Oregonia, OH, USA
Needs to be done in
over 1 year
Total distance
429.03 mi
  • Gasport, NY
  • Oregonia, OH


  • Hi Sarah, 
    I see you have 2 listing with the same locations, but one is going from Ohio to NY,  the other is NY to Ohio.  Do you need one going in both directions?
    Also, can you please provide additional info for both... age, sex, height, breed, loading/unloading and transport experience and any bad habits or special needs I need to know about?
    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and I look forward to your reply!
    Mustang's Transport Services 
    248) 770-2518 
    Text is best due to my driving schedule 
    over 1 year ·

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